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Fostering equality & cultural diversity is a top challenge that the entire society is facing now. Businesses & specifically people management can play a significant role in this regard by focusing on the diversity & inclusion policies & strategies in the workplace

Our Diversity Specialization

Being an Black & Asian-American women owned business, Diversity has always been a paramount importance to us. Diversity Specialization is Cube Hub’s Diverse Talent Training, Sourcing, and Upskilling & Deployment program. With the intent to leverage our Contingent Labor Program deployment contracts with corporations, we proactively source & develop diverse talent for entry or re-entry into the corporate world.
Our program aims to reduce the opportunity gaps, not only for the benefit of the underrepresented individuals who have been shut out of the labor market, but for the benefit of companies as well. Cultivating & investing in diverse talent can foster higher innovation, economic growth, & community well-being as well as increased profits, reduced employee turnover and better decision making.

What We Offer

  • Provide training in IT skills like SAP, BI, Data science, Data Analytics, Power BI, DevOPs, Cognos, SalesForce, Cloud technologies, Change Mgmt, Agile Scrum Master, QA, Tool and Die, etc.
  • We help place minority graduates in STEM in internship/ Level 1 contract positions with our clients, providing industry experience.
  • Provide companies with trained and qualified minority graduates in IT/STEM positions for their diversity inclusion.
  • Provide company employees’ training in IT/ Engineering/Technology skills.
  • Collaboration of our Diversity program with HBCUs and local college partnership.
  • Attractive HR package and Benefits including robust Retention policy.
  • Cost competitiveness & volume discount, we will beat anyone’s price.
  • Seamless collaboration with our clients to meet and exceed their diversity expectations.
  • Deployment of pre-trained IT & Engineering professionals.

How we do it

Collaboration with our strategic diversity partnerships, we have access to a growing diverse & underrepresented talent source. We act as a single point of contact for clients to engage with diverse talent from several under-served talent, underrepresented minorities (URMs), and educational institutions local and national. With national diverse STEM talent upskilling, and advocacy & networking organizations, we can support both the diverse pool of talent and our business/corporate partners.