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Diverse. Equity. Multigenerational, Inclusive.
With the fullest appreciation for the miracle of human potential/talent

We make it our commitment to help you make choices that help find the balance that works for you. Trust that when you talk, we will listen. We understand that the skills, talent and experience you offer should be valued. We make sure to recognize that you find not just a placement, but a project where you can grow and thrive. Not just a job, but a career path that empowers you and helps you explore your fullest potential. We are with you every step of the way, celebrating your accomplishments, your career journey, offering support, and furthering opportunities.
In joining Cube Hub, you become part of a family that is a global talent powerhouse.

Cube Hub is a multinational staffing and services company based in the Chicagoland area. We have 7 offices across the United States and India with headquarters in Aurora, IL. We match talented people, identify career goals and create culture to enhance their performance. We have been in business since 2014 and are recognized and certified by “Great Place to Work” Institute. Our ideology means that you work with an organization that truly appreciates and rewards your talent.

In 2014, our founding partners with different backgrounds (3 Dimensions) came up with an idea to start a unique Hub that brought 6 Ts of The Cube – Technology, Trades, Talent, Training, Trust and Transparency under one roof…. Cube Hub was born!

Your employer, Cube Hub will support you during your entire employment including benefits enrollment, payroll processing, training and other periodic assistance throughout your journey with us. Our support and dedication is committed even if we are not physically present where you live. Our HR, Payroll and Account Management teams are unmatched and work in seamless fashion to meet your all expectations. 

Recruiting related FAQs

Cube Hub interfaces with most of the major online job boards like Dice, Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, and so on, so if your resume remains posted online and is listed as “Active,” it appears to us that you’re still looking for a job. If you would prefer to stop all contact from Cube Hub please send an email to with the subject line: “Remove from the mailing list.”

Cube Hub is headquartered in the Greater Chicago Area with regional offices in 7 states within the U.S and international centers in India. Because we operate globally, you may be contacted by a representative from any one of our global offices. If you have concerns about who is calling and wish to check in with our Home Office team, you can call our direct line at 630-523-0002.

Cube Hub HR would be more than pleased to speak to you. Feel free to contact us at 630-523-0002 or

Employee referral program – Refer a friend, relative, classmate or colleague and receive a $100 gift card after 90 days completion of the referral person  with our client.

HR related FAQs

Cube Hub offers benefits to all eligible employees. We offer basic healthcare plans including Dental and Vision, 401K (eligibility after 6 months of employment), Sick Leaves based on individual state laws referral programs, Bi-Weekly payroll with ACH direct deposit, as well as performance bonuses. Some benefits vary based on the location; please check with our HR team for more information.

Per diem is an allowance paid to employees for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses incurred when traveling. As per the US per DIEM policy, if your permanent residence and work location are in different states, an employee is eligible for per DIEM based on the rates applicable in that particular city/state. Please visit General Services Administration –

As per the policy contractors are not eligible for the paid vacation. They are paid against the approved hours work. Unless specified by client.

Onboarding process may take 2 weeks depending on the background check.

Cube Hub covers the cost for all W-2.

Accounts and Payroll related FAQs

For your convenience you can download the ADP app on your smartphone

Our payroll runs biweekly on Friday’s as a Direct Deposit. We send the payroll calendar during onboarding 

Once you are added to ADP during onboarding , you will receive an email from ADP and us on how to register on ADP. You can access all the Pay Stubs on the ADP portal.

Once you are added to ADP during onboarding , you will receive an email from ADP and us on how to register on ADP. 

In January we mail all the W2s, however you can also access your W2’s on the ADP portal.

Every state has a different sick leave policy and you will be paid your accrued sick hours as per the state law. For further details please contact our Payroll Team: