Cube Hub Inc.

  • 3831 McCoy Drive, Ste 109, Aurora, IL 60504
  • Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM


Diversity & Inclusion

Being an Black & Asian-American women owned business, Diversity has always been a paramount importance to us. Diversity Specialization is Cube Hub’s Diverse Talent Training, Sourcing, and Upskilling & Deployment program. With the intent to leverage our Contingent Labor Program deployment contracts with corporations, we proactively source & develop diverse talent for entry or re-entry into the corporate world.

Train & Deploy

It is an extensively industry-specific service that provides customized resources ready to deploy for custom tasks or projects. Our deployment process flow consists of 5 steps: Planning, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Monitoring.

Return to Work

At Cube Hub collaboration and communication between colleagues and teams are leading forces in driving innovation, production, and growth. We believe, one of the biggest benefits of going back to the office is the improved connection with co-workers can lead to more effective brainstorming, increased productivity, and team synergy.

Payroll Services

Cube Hub offers two categories of services: Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency of Record (AOR). As an Employer of Record, we employ your direct sourced W-2 contingent workers, you save substantial resources for your core business, take over HR functions and ensure compliance with all labor laws and regulations.