Cube Hub Inc.

  • 3831 McCoy Drive, Ste 109, Aurora, IL 60504
  • Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 7:45 PM


Return To Work

Cube Hub has invested and propagated in its “Return to Work” policy. It has allowed many skilled, an unskilled resources to return to work by providing the following:

  • Confidence building
  • Requisite training & mentorship
  • Diverse community opportunities across gender, race, ethnicity,
    religion, sex, color, etc.
  • Ensuring non-discriminations
  • People coming out of sabbatical, housewives, health issues, post-retirement, military services, community services, etc.

What We Offer

At Cube Hub collaboration and communication between colleagues and teams are leading forces in driving innovation, production, and growth. We believe, one of the biggest benefits of returning to the office is the improved connection with co-workers can lead to more effective brainstorming, increased productivity, and team synergy. We provide the following opportunities,

  • Temporary, full-time or part-time assignments at our offices in various disciplines
  • Technical and non-technical roles for Contingent Labor programs of our various multiple clients based on skill sets and past experience
  • Structured roles after requisite training for internship and temporary contract positions

How We Do It

Cube Hub believes in Productivity. Prospective employees can avoid many potential distractions at home or while unemployed, focus on their work, and get more done in their day. Emphasizing more on collaboration, workers who are physically able to see and talk to each other will find it easier to streamline their communications and collectively innovate to develop new ideas.

  • Overall Community Development by sourcing Returners as well as recent Grads
  • Providing diversity not only at our client locations but also within our organization
  • Extensive training programs and opportunities to diversify
  • Referral program and Community network
  • Job Fairs and Media advertisements
  • Job matching
  • HR and Technical support