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What will your organization gain from working with Cube Hub to create your Statement of Work?

Statement of Work

Managing contracts, suppliers, quality, and delivery of work can be a tedious process. At Cube Hub, we offer Statement of Work (SOW) management services that aim to eliminate risk and augment returns by contractually defining the project scope, objectives, timelines, KPIs, and deliverables. Your Statement of Work (SOW) is intended to give you visibility and consistency, outlying milestones, timelines, valuing, and the specific roles and duties of your IT and Engineering specialists. Cube Hub intends to work with you to make an individual Statement of Work (SOW) either on a time & material or a fixed price basis.

    • Improved Workforce Management
    • Project Performance Management
    • Greater Process Efficiencies
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Specialist Tracking and KPIs
    • Organizational Compliance and Risk Mitigation
    • Compliance with Third Party Management Policies
    • Supplier Performance and Risk Mitigation
    • Financial Related and Operational Controls
    • Increased Cost Savings Opportunities
    • Spend Visibility

What We Offer

Cube Hub Inc. will make a Statement of Work for IT and engineering contractual workers to satisfy your business requirements and scope of work. Under a Statement of Work (SOW) management program, Cube Hub will support processes associated with each stage of the Statement of Work (SOW) engagement — creating requirement analysis, impact analysis, design & engineering, ensuring compliance, cost economics and promoting high service quality. Under a managed Statement of Work (SOW) solution, the Cube Hub program is also supported by a vendor management system (VMS) that automates some or all of your Statement of Work (SOW) life cycle stages, offering full visibility. Working as a team we will manage any issues that may emerge amid the principal phases of the Statement of Work in order to meet all contractual deliveries as well as KPIs.
What is SOW in business? Our Statement of Work (SOW) management solutions is designed to support your Statement of Work (SOW) strategy and administration across a range of activities within your organization, from sourcing to project set-up, meeting milestones through to invoicing. Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to satisfy your business needs within your allocated budget. Regarding SOW business solutions, for additional data, and to talk about how making a Statement of Work (SOW) could profit your business and cost savings, please contact us.

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