Cube Hub Inc.

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Train & Deploy

It is an extensively industry-specific service that provides customized resources ready to deploy for custom tasks or projects. Our deployment process flow consists of 5 steps: Planning, development, testing, deploying, and monitoring. We enhance employee performance, boost employee productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve our company culture. Training and development help us gain and retain top talent to increase job satisfaction and improve productivity.
Upskilling and Reskilling Workers - IT & Engineering skill gap, communication, changing technologies, remote culture, and talent availability are getting worse. Training – We create new talent by providing requisite training, access needs and developing goals and success metrics.

What We Offer

  • Technical or Technology Training in multiple technology disciplines
  • Quality Training
  • Skills Training
  • Professional Training and Legal Training
  • Team Training
  • Managerial Training
  • Safety Training
  • Diverse Talent Focus

How We Do It

At Cube Hub, Training is viewed as a process comprising five stages:
Assessment, Motivation, Design, Delivery, and Evaluation.

  • Being Minority Business Enterprise, we undertake cross-channel recruiting, which includes educational institutions, diverse communities including diverse under-represented, economically disadvantaged STEM graduates nationwide
  • We undertake an extensive pre-selection process, e-verification, qualification benchmarks, multi-level screening
  • Extensive customized Training by our technical experts to meet our client’s needs in their niche areas
  • Quality, evaluation, interview cycles, deployment, and job assignments

Here is the list of the most popular ways of employee training and development:

Cube Hub team works in 4 Steps of successful workforce planning